July 16, 2011


Woww it has been a cruel part of the year for me.. I have loads of works and not to mention an exam by the company for promotion! Yikes!! Am not the best student in uni, so likewise in the office. But still I tried my best and alhamdulillah, it wasn't that bad.

Iris is already a handful, she's almost 9 months and can already do a lot of stuff. She can crawl really fast now, sit by herself at any position, and is trying really hard to stand by herself. Org melayu kata "meniti". Hopefully she can walk soon, yeaa!!

Tomorrow we have a photoshoot by yellow cow studio. I bought a really great deal from milkadeal, rm75 for 1 hour outdoor shoot with 10 printed 4r and 2 8r, plus cd for the whole session. Best kan? Can't wait!!

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